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What an awesome beginning of the week it has been!

I was asked to be a guest on the Let It Be Podcast, but first I have to give you some background because it's pretty cool to see how God knits all of this together!!

In junior high, I volunteered with the children's ministry at Inland Hills Church. I was able to lead a group of young girls until the were entering high school; I was moving to Texas.

Shortly after I moved to Texas, Karla was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, and my heart was crushed. I watched her fight from afar, but praying for a miracle the whole way. My prayer was for Karla to be healed and to see God work in a mighty way in her and through her.

God answered my prayer, but it wasn't the way I wanted it to be answered. Karla was healed in Heaven, and He did work through her while she was here as well as after... and he's still going!

Ruthe founded the Let It Be Foundation, and through this, we have been reunited again.

When they started their podcast, I was so grateful to be able to listen to this in Texas. Then, I was asked to be a guest!! God had been linking this together from so long ago, and it was coming to fruition.

My prayer is that this podcast reaches many people and they are able to see God's goodness in our story. There is always HOPE, and I'm so grateful this podcast continues to spread that message.

Thank you to Ruthe, and the Let It Be

Foundation for graciously having me on as their guest. This has to be one of the biggest highlights in my life so far. Thank you for providing a platform for HOPE!!

You can listen HERE!

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