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Welcome to my blog! I'm grateful that you stopped by!

I am a head football coach's wife, a mother to three Miller Minions, and a high school English teacher. I wear a lot of hats, but wife and mother are most important. Our youngest daughter, Sadie, at the young age of two and a half, entered Heaven on June 26, 2017. We are still the Miller family with 3 beautiful kids, but our Earthly family has changed its form. 


I wanted to start this site as an outlet for me and those going through loss.  I have just crossed the starting line of a journey known as Child Loss, and although many people go down this road, it still can feel lonely.  If you have come here because you are in the same boat, my hope is that you leave feeling more love and comfort than when you clicked on the site. If you have come here because you know me or someone who's facing loss, my prayer is that you're able to take even one piece to help someone with their grief. 


We are in this together. We need the love of our Heavenly Father, our faith, family, friends, and each other. 

Show God's Love #4Sadie

Romans 8:28

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