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Holding Hands

Happy Anniversary, Trent Miller!

We held hands and vowed until death do us part. Not until the death of a child, not until the death of dreams, and not until the death of a life we thought to be perfect.

Our marriage is beautiful because of all the of things we’ve been through- the mountaintops and the valleys. We’ve held hands at Home Plate & held hands at our daughter’s grave. We’ve held hands at baseball games and school performances, but to me, it signifies the same thing it did on 7/26/08- for better or worse.

I don’t need an anniversary to reflect on everything we’ve accomplished, lost, and dream about we we’ll gain, but this is a day to remind me how lucky I am to have you as my husband, a father to our kids, and an amazing coach who always puts the athletes & your family before yourself.

The years are going faster, but I’m looking forward to seeing how God will use our next 11 years as He continues to shape us & our purpose here on earth.

I love you, handsome! Happy Anniversary!!

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