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Mother's Day 2019

The day is hard- there’s no way around it, but if I don’t choose to see the blessings around me, I wouldn’t be true to what God has given me as well as what He chose me to walk through.

I know the day is hard for many of my friends- whether it’s a loss of a child or mom, or other reasons. No matter what, my prayer is that you’re able to see the beauty within the ashes around you.

Choose to rest in Him today... To know that His peace surpasses all understanding and nothing is wasted.

Thank you to my 3 dudes!! I had Starbucks before I walked out the door, cards, gifts, hugs, and kisses before my day really began! That, friends, is what this day is about!! The love of the people that surround me on Earth and Heaven. Thank you to my Sweet Sadie who sent a Dragonfly as we were coming into church. I choose to know that’s her way of saying Happy Mother’s Day!

Did I shed tears this morning? Yes.

Did I thank God for making me a mother? Absolutely!

Did I thank Him for the good and the hard in my life? Yes.

We are His. He loves us. None of what we walk through is for nothing. May He continue to show us the bigger picture.

Happy Mother’s Day to all my beautiful momma friends!!

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