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Trent and I were asked to share our story. We truly believe God will use our story for good. This maybe it, or this may just be the beginning. But, for those of you who don't know the story, here it is.

This isn't just a story on a tragic accident that completely rerouted our lives; this is a story of hurt AND, more importantly, healing. This unimaginable hurt will never leave us. We will forever have a void in our family and hearts. We want Sadie back every day- every moment- but since we know that is an unrealistic request, we have to rely on our faith and the comfort only He can bring. This is #4Sadie.

Maybe someone out there needs to see a story of HOPE. If we don't have hope, this will be a long life to live. I refuse to just survive this life- I want to THRIVE for Michael and Cole. They deserve a life full of happiness and joy. For all of you who are a part of this story, many unnamed, THANK YOU! You are a huge part of our lives and process- you know who you are.

Mackenzie Rollins and Jeff Rollins, you two are amazing, and we love you. We wouldn't be where we are without you. Thank you for opening your hearts and family to us.

Kimberly Deckard McClintock and family, thank you for walking this life with us as you are #LVN4DJ. Your love for him pours out to our family- we love y'all.

Courtney Currie Scott, Julie Dallas Dunn, Lisa Etheredge Garrison and families, y'all lived for me when I couldn't do it. You watched over my boys, house,laundry, dishes, food, visitors, etc. You'll never know what that meant to us.

Mark Murrell, Brian Lee, Sue Artman Hersperger, Michelia Andrews Moore, and all CP staff-- you are amazing!

Jill Swinyard Bartlett, there are NO words to ever tell you what you and your sweet family has done. Spring HS Admin, Athletics, and staff, there are no adequate words to express our gratitude.

There are so many people to tag in this post, and I wish I could tag all my friends, but to all of your who read this, thank you for your continued prayers, love, and support.

Thank you, ALL, for walking with us in the darkest days we've ever encountered. If you feel someone may need to see this, please share our story.

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