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Sadie’s Dedication- 5.1.16

Two years ago, we dedicated Sadie.

Our promise was to raise her in a house that loved the Lord. Little did we know, almost a year later, she would meet Jesus before all of us. Because she met Jesus before all of us, our house loves the Lord more than we could have imagined because we need Him all our pain and suffering. He is the only way through the darkness. We seek Him daily. I use to lean on my material things and people and Jesus because I had it ALL. Now, we seek Jesus first in all things. She was on loan to us for a quick two and a half years. I still don’t know why we had to lose our child or feel this pain that is beyond comprehension. However, I do know she sits in Jesus’ lap and talks about Bubba, Toll-Man, Momma, and the unwavering love for her daddy & our family.

Sweet girl, you have made this world better! We dedicated you for so many reasons, yet the only one that matters now is that we will ALL be together soon!

She holds onto HOPE, for HE is forever FAITHFUL.

1 Corinthians 1:9

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