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Psalm 23:3- He restores my soul.

We met with Pastor Jeff in August 2017; roughly 6 weeks after The Accident.

We talked about Job’s life, our questions about our life, fears, etc. We continued to grasp for answers to numb our pain so we could continue to stay vertical.

Trent and I talked about how we feel that God will use our story to glorify His kingdom and show His goodness in our darkness, so we simply told Pastor Jeff that if he felt that our story could help others, we would be happy to share. We prayed about it, and around Dec. 2017 we began to begin the process of it all. We filmed in January and finished up in March. Eric and his team were phenomenal, and I think you’ll agree when you watch the video.

Click HERE to watch our video.

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We were living out every parent’s worst nightmare- their greatest fear. We felt called to bring HOPE to the hurting, and if God could use our story, then we would be happy to do so.

People often say:

  • I don’t know how you do it.

  • You’re stronger than I ever could be.

  • Your strength amazes me; I would be a wreck .

  • There’s no way I could go back to work.

Before it all, I thought the SAME thing. It’s amazing how God works in you when you face adversity and you ARE WILLING to continue to follow Him. If we turned our back on Him, I know our outcome would not be the same.

Never underestimate the power of God.

This story is not about us. It’s not about me, Trent, the boys, or Sadie.

This is about God’s goodness in the darkness. This is about what He -and only He- can do when our eyes remain on the cross.

He is worthy of praise in every storm, valley, or mountaintop.

We hope you enjoy the video. Hugs and Love!

I have been praying over this video. My prayer is that if you, or someone you know, could use HOPE, may you find a piece of it here.

In Him,


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