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Heavy Days

Real. Raw. Rough day today. I had a rough morning and lost it on my off period. I went to see Sadie and spoke to God for awhile. More questions than anything, but it was good. My friend met me there (thank you!!) to just be still with me. To listen to my fears and my uncertainties of this life I lead now. Tomorrow, we should be signing Sadie up for Preschool at College Park, but we’re not. So many things to feel in moments like this... Moments we feel robbed, and this is just the beginning. ❤️❤️Thank you to the amazing preschool & teachers at CP for thinking of me and offering me ways to make it easier. Thank you! 💕😘🙏🏼 God has carried us the whole way and continues to do so. I’m so grateful. Today, He let me down to feel. These days make me hurt - it’s like nothing you’ve ever felt (unless you’ve lost a child💔), but I come out stronger. I see things in God, and myself, I’ve never seen before.

As always, God never fails. I was walking to get Cole; this dragonfly circled me, and it landed next to me. It hung out for a few moments to let me take a picture and remind me that even though our valleys can feel suffocating, He is our air. He is where we need to run (and hide if needed). Feel your brokenness and let Him take it; give it to Him. Our burdens are too heavy to carry on our own. There is a reason for that... He wants you to come to NEED Him. We all do. Praying for each of you today. May you Be Still long enough to feel and hear Him- no matter what the means. 💕 Thank you, God, for your unending reminders of your goodness- even in dragonflies! 🌸💕🙏🏼🙌🏼

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