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Pink Light in the Darkness

I took this picture this morning. All my Texas friends know the weather we've had... not a whole lot of pink skies lately.

Pink sunrise/sunsets mean HOPE. I feel it's as if God is telling me:

I have Sadie. She's okay.

Even though I know He has her, and I know she's okay, these skies always come with perfect timing; it always comes at a time when my heart needs it. So, even though Texas may have crappy weather right now with very little sunshine, my friends from around the country come through BIG time when they send me pictures of all the pink skies... Oh, how it does my heart GOOD!

But lately here in Texas, I’ve been missing my pink sunrises and/or sunsets.

The other day, I prayed that I would specifically see one soon. This morning, as I was driving to work, I saw all the dark clouds, but the pink sky was barely peeking through. I immediately heard God say...

I’m still here.

Recently, I've realized the four of us are coming into a new season of grief. This is a season where the loss of Sadie is not seen on helmets, banners, or even daily routines anymore.

This is hard.

The reality looks new and unwelcoming. I’ve been “quiet” in my writing because I’m not sure what to say or how I really about it all.

But today... today, this picture unwrapped it all.

Even through the darkness, HE is still here. No matter how long the darkness is looming, HE is still there.

Today was about me looking past the darkness and into the pink lighted sky. It’s about me being able to see God in spite of the darkness, and I feel He’s also telling me... when you get through the darkness, you will see your bright shining girl waiting for you at the gates!!

Again, I'm always in awe of His promises. What comfort they bring.

I'm grateful that God knows what I look for and cling to. He uses these things to gently remind me to keep looking toward Him. Even with others seem to have moved on, He knows. He knows my pain & my brokenness.

What a savior we have. We are never alone.

I hope you see what God has placed in front of you as reminders. We all need them.

It’s valuable for me to feel and contemplate this pain and this life. It’s good for me to evaluate how to move forward. It’s healthy for me to feel...and as I've said all along- I just can’t stay there.

I think we all need to feel because we only get stronger. The downfall is that in our society, we are rushed to "be okay," "move on," and "fake it until you make it."

There's not moving on; there's no faking it.

This is life.

This is Him.

Today, I'm grateful for pink skies behind the darkness.

He is GOOD.

John 1:5

The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.

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