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Hope for the Holidays

The day after Christmas will mark six months since we have seen our vibrant daughter, Sadie. I’m not sure how that can be, but as I sit behind the bright screen grasping at words to say this upcoming season, I’m at a loss. However, I feel as if HOPE is what Trent and I have right now. I’d like to update you with how Trent and I have clutched to HOPE since we’ve lost Sadie. We have HOPE that there’s a bigger purpose. We have HOPE that God will continue to use us in our pain. We have HOPE that there will be beauty from ashes. We see God’s goodness as the HOPE that we need every day.

We saw an overflowing of goodness after Sadie went Home, but I was worried it would fade as people went back to their lives, and we were left on the road alone. I can tell you we have been blessed with wonderful people around us each day.

God granted us a smooth football season for Trent and our family. Trent ended his 1st year as head coach at 8-2 (both loses by a heartbreaking field goal). I think the playoff loss affected me more than Trent, but I am so darn proud of him; I still get tears in my eyes just typing this. The thing is… loss is loss. And although the magnitude differs, your heart still breaks. I left that game with red eyes, but HOPE for what is to come as Trent continues his role as a head coach.

Michael and Cole became a part of the team. They were given jerseys, and more importantly, friendship and love from each player, coach, and staff. It was truly a gift in their lives. They have the HOPE that life won’t always feel this hard and there is still joy out there.

I am still teaching English at College Park High School in The Woodlands. It’s difficult when the light you’re in as “the teacher who lost their daughter” is pretty bright. I’ve decided to make it a light that shines on HOPE. I pray I’m the HOPE that my students, staff, and admin see each day. I have turned to blogging which has been healing to me; thank you to everyone for their encouragement in starting it up.

Since I am an English teacher, there have been so many statements, verses, and books that I have kept as floatation devices. The statement that has stuck with me, and what I have felt from the beginning, is Trent and I (and our family) have a choice…

“We can choose to wear our HURT, or we can choose to wear our HOPE.” -Max Lucado

We choose HOPE. As hard as it is some days, we will choose it.

We pray that you are surrounded by love, God’s goodness, and HOPE in the new year.

Have a blessed Christmas!


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