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KSBJ interview

KSBJ is Christian radio that broadcasts in our area. We have loved and listened to this station since we’ve moved to Texas. Trent and I were able to share some of our story. Here is our interview:

The rest of this blog is about how God's hand has been guiding all of the pieces to our puzzle since the beginning. There were two interviews that took place but only one of them worked. I can see God's hand, and I hope you can too...

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The DJs, on KSBJ, have always been amazing and bring hope and comfort to all who listen.

When we were at church one Sunday morning, the man on stage, going over announcements sounded like one of the morning DJs. Then, he said his name was Carder. Coincidence?? It was him, and I felt as if, at some point, I should introduce myself. I let it go, and enjoyed the service.

As we walked into the foyer, we saw Carder, and I wanted to give him our "thanks" as we’ve clung to KSBJ -even more- since The Accident.

I met Carder, and he was as nice as could be. Michael and Cole listen to KSBJ each morning with me on the way to work, so to meet him was a treat for them too. I passed on my thanks and told him that in the last 4 months (at that time) had been excruciating. My dad had a massive heart attack (he does not care for that wording, but it’s true) on May 1st, and eight weeks to the day, Sadie entered Heaven.

We ended up talking for a little bit, and he had asked if/when we were ready, would we want to share our story? Trent and I have both been committed to speaking openly about what God has done in our lives through tragedy. We have always wanted people to see God's goodness even in the darkest of times.

We interviewed with Carder one morning in October, and there was this clicking that could be heard in almost every syllable. We had to re-do our interview, but because of timing with football, we never had a chance to get with him until December 8th.

This is God.

I had told Carder after the first interview that maybe God wanted us to speak of something else and therefore the clicking persisted.

I prayed about it...

About a week after it aired, a friend of mine sent me this email:

Did you hear the lady on KSBJ this morning?!!? She was talking about how her 17 yr old son was murdered 2 months ago by his best friend, and she's been struggling so much, but when she heard you share about how God asked you, "Why would I protect Sadie from heaven?" it brought her the peace she'd been looking for and made her feel so much better. She said she'd been trying not to question God but was having such a hard time, and yours & Trent's testimony really resonated with her. It was just beautiful.

Thank you for telling your story and for sharing so openly. God is doing beautiful things with it, and although I wish so much you didn't have to tell that story, I am grateful for the lives He's reaching with it.

Love you and praying for you!

I hope you can see God's hand in this piece of our puzzle. As I'm learning, this is a never-ending puzzle, and the pieces just keep getting added. But that's okay.

Each piece, to me, means more people in His kingdom. I hope Sadie is able to greet anyone and everyone who was changed because of her.

Again, I'm reminded this life is not about me, the loss of my child, or my grief. It's about being a disciple for His kingdom. Trent and I will continue to keep spreading God's love 4Sadie on any platform God brings our way.

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