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The Little Things

Time is a crazy thing... it's been 12 weeks since Sadie went to be with our Heavenly Father, but we still keep her memory and the love we have for her alive. She is talked about daily - what she's doing in Heaven, if she's with us at weddings, dinners, football games, etc., and how she use to change clothes a million times a day.

Today, Michael came home and had a surprise for us!

He drew Sadie and Jesus together, and he also had a picture just for Trent. Wow!

There are so many days where I wish I saw the world from the boys' eyes - where I didn't get the magnitude of all of it, and I had the resilience they have.

Lord, thank you for our sweet boys and the love they have for their baby sister. As much as Michael needed to draw this, I needed to see this.

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