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Sadie's Game

Tonight was breathtaking with all the PINK painted on the field and in the stands. Absolute amazing!

The boys led the Spring Lions out of their tunnel, each player handed me a pink rose, and I was showered with “I love you, Mom” by each player.

The players knelt in a circle around me and Trent.

There are no words to express our gratitude. After that, there was a prayer and some words by wonderful staff elders, RELEASE OF BUTTERFLIES, and then game time!!

Thank you to each one of you who came and was a part of this special night honoring my girl. Michael said, “It was my favorite night with all the Sadie stuff!” That means so much to this momma.

The Spring Booster Club was so thoughtful in each piece that went into play tonight. The coaches, staff, and each person who had a part in this, we love each of you, and are grateful that you’re in our lives to walk with us and to help keep us afloat!

This night was to show the goodness of God in the darkest of times.

Aldine Davis’ coaching staff and team made us this sweet little lion with a pink bow, football, and a 4Sadie bandana. They, too, had 4Sadie stickers on their helmets.

We saw God in every act of goodness tonight. Truly an emotional night, and we’re overwhelmed by His love and grace.

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