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Perhaps You Were Born for Such a Time as This

This verse means so many things to me.

I had never seen/heard this verse until Sadie made her entrance into Heaven.

Sometimes I feel like I was born for this life of struggling with grief and loss. Am I happy about it? No. Do I accept this? Yes. Why? Because He chose me to walk a dark path of grief just as Jesus walked a similar path on his way to hang on a cross.

A friend once prayed for Trent and me — “thank you that Your brokenness heals our brokenness.”

Those were powerful words, and His wounds had even more power to me from then on. Jesus knew my pain- I wasn’t alone no matter how much it feels like it some days. So, today, as I cried after school longing to kiss my daughter’s messy face, do her hair again (just for her to pull it out), snuggle her, and just LOVE her, I’m reminded that I was born for this life.

Now, I get to choose how to do this. And, I choose Him. I choose to walk with Him everyday through the raw hurt and pain from missing my girl to the joy I see in my husband, his athletes, and Michael and Cole. When we question this crazy world and the valleys we’re walking, “perhaps [we] were born for such a time as this.” So, what do you choose when faced with a valley in your life? I hope you choose Him to walk with.

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